Read Indigenous

Indigenous peoples are equipped with special capability from the Creator. These gift‘s were bestowed upon Indigenous peoples to imagine Indigenous destiny, for the sake of life. The whole of the Earth and all her cohabitants are intertwined, in a multiverse pool of reflected water connecting us to our origin stories. The water metaphorically, represents a birthplace of all life. It is recognized that the Earth provides everything human beings need to live in natural abundance to e-create the sacred in ceremonies and reciprocally, replenish that which Creator has gifted us with.

We call for a rejuvenation of seven generations model of thinking and doing centering on the seven generations model in this way, between three generations past, and three generations future. We reflect on our parents generation, our grandparents and on our great-grandparents. We carry within us the legacy of a people who came before us and this is what we have to forward, by way of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. This seven generations model is a consideration of oral tradition, leadership and Indigenous science and human behavior.

One way to express well being, Indigenous science, Indigenous leadership and a spiritual ecology is through Indigenous children’s literature. The obstacles to the production of Indigenous authored books, which are relevant curricular materials, pedagogical tools, and seeds of wisdom, are quickly dissipating as Indigenous peoples reclaim a love for children and grandchildren. No longer, are we going to allow the removal of our children from our Indigenous cultures. We can write these books with our children so that they will cultivate and author the significance of Indigenous voice in relation to the earth well-being.

Teacher librarians can improve academic opportunities for Indigenous youth by establishing purposive collections development policies that highlight and actively promote Indigenous authors. Then the power of Indigenous authors for Indigenous students will be more fully realized through Read Indigenous.